Based on the Vanguard, the Peacemaker, with its strong retro looks, has vivid vintage-colored lume and a vintage-style domed sapphire crystal. It has also brought back the California dial after a hiatus of more than 2 years, by way of a 'Semi-Cali' dial (comprising of Arabic numerals only). And consistent with Gruppo Gamma’s naval design undertones, the text on the dial is in military stencil typeface.

Introduced in 2013, the Genesis was Gruppo Gamma's first line of watches and it was a faithful homage to the Rolex Ref 6152 dive watch.  

In early 2014 Gruppo Gamma started working on a new design called the Vanguard, which was intended to be an evolution and replacement of the Genesis. The first Vanguard design (i.e. the Mk I) was drawn up, but was put aside temporarily while the design continued to be revised.

Later in the year, owing to a series of unexpected events the Vanguard was released in its Mk III form, way ahead of its time. And so the Mk I Vanguard did not make it to production at the time.

This design has now been reintroduced, via the Peacemaker. With the benefit of newly-acquired capabilities the Peacemaker has stronger vintage-colored lume, a thinner case and vintage-style domed sapphire crystal.

Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker Dive Watch

Current Peacemaker Models:

Peacemaker PN-17

Peacemaker PN-18